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Poem c2011 by Mara Buck linking the protest marches of today with those of the past. I wrote this poem during the first month of the Arab Spring. It is remarkably appropriate for the present protests in our own country, for freedom knows no borders.
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Every American must separate economics from politics to vote responsibly. In just one hour you can learn economics. You will understand the basics and most importantly, where the line is drawn between economics and politics. Challenge yourself to change America’s destiny. Find out more at http...
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Q&A with audience following keynote speech.
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Sakowitz tells the remarkable story of the biggest financial fraud in South Florida history, from the perspective of a whistleblower grounded in an ethical tradition. After bringing us to the scene of the crime and explaining what transpired, he offers direction and tools to help make better...
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Podcast interview I did in anticipation of the screening of my short poem on film “Astronaut Goes From Migrant Fields To Outer Space” at the WILDsound TORONTO Film Festival. I wrote the poem and made the film last summer in response to the presence of a Mexican American and former migrant worker on...
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Loosely based on the classic Alice in Wonderland, Obama in Wonderland is a light hearted political farce illustrating the bizarre nature and lack of reality surrounding the Obama Administration and its policies. Barack Hussein Obama is transported to Wonderland where he attempts to implement...
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A short history of taxation, a treatise on suggested alternatives to tax reform, and a modest proposal by the author which would eliminate the need for all other taxes altogether. The book was written in response to President Barack Obama's call for suggestions from the public for tax reform in...