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I have recently recorded some of the poems I wrote a decade ago
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A reading from the debut collection of poetry, The Secret.
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Dreaming in Darkness is the new contemplative collection of poetry from writer Jessica Kristie. Share the passion and anguish, the acceptance and regret that life imposes on us all. Feel the validation of your pain and discover empowerment through understanding. A light always exists when you are...
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Equations by Adam Fieled is a print book, released by Blue & Yellow Dog Press in 2011. You can purchase it here.
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Celebrated Ohio poet James Wright is featured in this 2.5 minute clip from the docu-drama film "James Wright's Ohio" by film makers Tom Koba and Larry Smith. It includes commentary from Wright and his poet-friend William Matthews and a poem video of Wright's poem "A Flower Passage." The film was...
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The first vlog (video blog) in an ongoing series.
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Beams by Adam Fieled is an e-book released by Blazevox in 2007.
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A collection of seventy-five poems by Warren Brown, available on Amazon.
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This "You Tube" video is where the author and poet Warren Brown promotes his collection of seventy-five poems, titled "The Lady of the Sea and Other Poems". The book by Warren Brown is available on Amazon.
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David Wexler's final for Motion Picture Language class at Academy of Arts in San Francisco.