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A song by Antonio Carlos Jobim, sung by him and Miucha. "When the light in your eyes and the light in my eyes decide to meet..." As usual, beautiful poetry and music.
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Meditation on the city of Pompeii.
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A poem from "Bloody Heaven", the collection I'm currently working on. The associated blog(which I will post as soon as I post this, with a link to this podcast) gives some background and also has a link to the painting the poem is written after. True multi-media - it's all in different places!(I...
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Once a child laborer who trekked with his impoverished family from Mexico to the fields of California to pick strawberries and cucumbers, Jose M. Hernandez recently traveled into space as an astronaut on the Discovery space shuttle. His story honors both the desperate struggle of immigrants and the...
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvlXLXpQP8E Thank you to VOA, U Win Pe and videographer Ko Panthee (U Win Pe's son). Informal summary: UWP: In the USA where there are so many strong(artistic)influences, poet, political scientist and economist Dr. Kyi May Kaung has managed to forge her own artistic...
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A reading of chapters 1-4 and explanation of the illustrations. ANGEL'S DESTINY: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations by April Martin Chartrand
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A slideshow video. Poet Diane Lockward reads her poem, "The Fruitful Woman," from her book, Eve's Red Dress (Wind Publications, 2003).
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A multimedia poem written and created by Magdalena Ball, with images by Pete Patterson and May Lattanzio. Music is Kopanitsa Version 2 trad. arranged Kiek, Kiek, Haughton, Denley. The musicians playing are Sandy Evans, Jim Denley, Steve Elphick, Llew Kiek and Mara
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I enjoyed making this video. Those are pictures of me and my hubby.