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from Day 3 of "The Biggest Quake SF" reading, 16 June, 2012
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From the depths of the Indian Ocean, a horrific plague has arisen to devastate humankind, unknown, unstoppable and merely a harbinger of the doom that is to follow. Operatives of the shadowy covert organization Sigma Force, Dr. Lisa Cummings and Monk Kokkalis search for answers to the bizarre...
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Stephen B. Pearl reads the first ten pages of his novel Tinker's Plague. A medical emergincy forces the Tinker to prepar for an operation beyound his level of skill.
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Chronicles of the Necromancer series continues with Tris's kingdom on the brink of collapse and fate of Jonmarc Vahanian hanging in the balance as the vampires and the undead enter into a deadly civil war and threaten King Martris Draykes hold on the throne he risked everything to win. Dark Haven...