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This is just some information I learned about Pythagoras.
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Award-winning author Matthew J Pallamary and sports coach Paul Mayberry Deliver Life-Transforming Book on The Infinity Zone Phenomenon of Mastering Your Energy to Master Your Life The life-transforming revelations of The Infinity Zone have been discovered in nature, animals, birds, insects, music,...
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Hanshi Kaufman introduces his new book, "The Way of the Modern Warrior - Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century,"  forthcoming from Tuttle Publishing in Fall 2012. Note: Final book cover is different from one shown in video. (Oct 2012)
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A compassionate and stirring call to move beyond religion for the guidance to sustain and improve human life on individual, community, and global levels, including a guided meditation practice for cultivating key human values. Learn more about this book here, http://bit.ly/skChiN and its author...
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Joshua has just been told the truth about the world. Namely that no one is left, except for a handful of young people and the last of the Elders, a sect of radical environmentalists who are determined to give the planet a chance to heal from human impact. They've chosen Joshua to lead a final...
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"Angel of Peace" by Aberjhani has been described as poem number 5 in the author's "Songs of the Angelic Gaze" series and was published in the book THE RIVER OF WINGED DREAMS. Some of the text in this video is the same as it appears in the original poem but some sections are arranged differently to...
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Hanshi Stephen Kaufman spoke about his wildfire best-seller book: "The Lady of the Rings - Musashi's Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women." Speaking direct and without politically correct compromise, Hanshi tells of the experiences of one of his woman students as she struggled to...
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A radio interview about my latest book, "Red, White, and Blue," and my philosophy of life and writing.
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Author Hermes Varini introduces the fundamental force of the cosmos in his book FIRE WITHIN THE UNIVERSE and quotes the Doppelgänger theme in his Viking saga THE GREAT ADVERSARY
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Author Hermes Varini introduces an implacable Shadow Enemy in his novel THE GREAT ADVERSARY: "William Wilson" by Edgar Allan Poe meets "Highlander"