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  A Rescue and a Near Death Experience is not what you would expect to find on a nearly perfect world like the beautiful Blue Angel Planet.   This is a fast paced adventure that has it all.   Millie and Honey begin with a nightmare and rush to unravel the mystery that surrounds the...
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A strange wiches tale. Hercularrose is dead and has been many times, but this time she yearns to evolve, but to do so she must revisit all she has left behind on earth. Each vacated life is a pool of energy.....an Imprint tattoed into the earth by human interaction.
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Imprint is my first book published with Pegasus. The pages contain the journal of an ancient witch called Hercularrose who is dead and has been dead many times. The old crone needs to explore the lives she has lived on earth to enable her to evolve in the heavens she resides in and openly shares...