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Dr. Grace LaJoy shares her story of being deserted by her mother, living in foster care, and ending up in a gifted and talented class while in foster care. Her turbulent experiences reveal how she became strong and began to encourage, inspire and empower others through her gift of writing. A Gifted...
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Meet Jodee Kulp: Founder of Better Endings New Beginnings, an advocate for FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Disorder), co-founder of ToolBox Parent and the Million Mind March and a Mom's Choice Award winning author and publisher.
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Every parent has dreams for their children, but when autism strikes, those dreams seem out of reach. Read Laura Shumaker inspiring story of raising her autistic son from a baby to young adulthood- The challenges, the rewards, the heartaches and the joy. Autism affects 1 in 150 children. You are not...
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Every toddler goes through the stage where they want nothing but "O"-shaped cereal. The challenge for parents is getting kids to ask for fruit salad instead of cupcakes. Faced with this seemingly impossible task with her own child, Jennifer Carden has created The Toddler Cafe, a guide to making...