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Palm Springs Tea Party Slideshow - Christopher Cerillo, Drew Sweatte, Jerry Jackson, Hilde Archuleta, Brian Benson, Carol Beson, and Lois MacRae are just a few of the people that were seen on Palm Canyon Drive as T.E.A. Party demonstrators rallied on Palm Canyon Drive in support of no on 1A, Friday...
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Palm Springs No On 1A-F Anti-Tax Rally - The sights, sounds, people and purpose that was an effort to create attention and inform all to vote NO on tax Propositions 1A-F. Video Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009) SOURCE: http://maxine-log.blogspot.com/2009/05/palm-springs-tea-party-anti-tax-r...
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From the free website MuyMal.com comes a podcast produced by Twilight Tales of the first section of Weston's LEAGUE OF THE RED PALM serial, "Of Zombies and Saints." Meet Jack Chinaski and the League whose goal it is to save children in the Western Desert from the inequities of the Black Bishop and...
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It doesn't get much better than sitting under the desert stars, listening to live jazz guitar and drinking a glass of merlot on the outdoor dining plaza at Rancho Las Palmas Hotel and Spa in Rancho Mirage.