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New York City Assistant District Attorney Jill Starishevsky was recently featured on "Oprah," to share the important message contained in her children's book "My Body Belongs to Me." In this segment, Oprah Winfrey stresses the fact that we must teach our children that if they are ever touched...
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Referred to by educators as the "Book of the Century" the best selling book, "The Silent Crisis Destroying America's Brightest Minds" solves the mystery of why the American education is failing to educate even the brightest among us. This book was chosen as the "Book of the Month" by the Alma...
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Video promo for this specialized and experimental comedy novel.
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Oprah relates a personal experience to Eckhart Tolle about experiencing true silence, absolute stillness, pure consciousness.
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Here's a great interview where Po Bronson talks with Oprah about his book, "What Should I Do With My Life?"