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This Sunday’s New York Times Travel section offers up forty five places to visit in 2012.  Along with Tokyo, Glasgow, Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, Moscow, Chilean Patagonia, Tanzania, Helsinki, Myanmar, Florence, and (yes, really) Space, is Oakland, California coming in at number five. ...
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Today, December 12  is the coordinated one day West Coast Port blockade to shut down the commerce of  the 1%.  Occupy San Diego, LA, Oakland, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Anchorage, and Houston are participating in solidarity with Longshoremen in Longview, Washington already on strike...
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I was thirty eight years old when I bought a house.  I was very fortunate.  My great aunt had left me a few thousand dollars in her will.  This was the first time I had savings.  My husband and I found a house in a neighborhood that qualified us for a low percentage...
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These voices are just some of the speakers at Occupy Oakland's General Assembly the night of November 9, 2011, reflecting on tactics and strategies.  As our movement of the 99% evolves, I think returning to critically thoughtful discussions enhances our understanding, resolve, and tenacity.