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Secret agent Eli Trudeau grieved the loss of his wife and baby. Then he discovers his son is alive and living with an adoptive mother, Gena Malone. Despite the secrets and lies, Eli cant deny the truth: Gena loves the boy. Yet Eli grew up without a father and wont do that to his own child. With...
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Dark Waters © 2007 Gabriella Hewitt ISBN 10: 1599988178 ISBN 13: 978-1599988177 Samhain Publishing Available July 29, 2008 On a tropical isle, Frankie Montalvo discovers roots to a past she never knew. Tales of witchcraft, missing girls and el chupacabra surround her, but it will take more than...
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Bestselling Jeffery Deaver is back with a new novel in his beloved Lincoln Rhyme series. Jeffery Deaver is the bestselling author of The Sleeping Doll, The Cold Moon, The Blue Nowhere, The Bone Collector, The Empty Chair, The Devil's Teardrop, and fifteen other suspense novels. His book A Maiden's...