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This was my entry in Tori Amos' "Taxi Ride" music video competition, 2003.  I didn't win, but it was fun to make!
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ANGEL OF CHRISTMAS LOVE SHINING BRIGHT I. Sweet, this elixir of eternity’s passion commanding my glide.  Soft, this explosion from alpha to omega sizzling our names raw.   Here is the timeless mystery that pays no heed to death’s greedy pride.   Songs of hearts divine, mortal...
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Rather than a literal call for rain, "Let the Rain Fall Down" is more of a solicitation for spiritual sustenance. I bet you'll listen more than once (: To order or hear more audio clips from Steve Conn's new CD "Beautiful Dream" visit: steveconn.com/​music/​index.html This video was produced...
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A mother searches for her son who was killed when police opened fire on a mob