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Zarina Zabrisky reading her memoir at 5 Memoirists at Meridian Gallery.
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Saturday Night Special Reading. 
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Sarah Ockler’s new novel, BITTERSWEET is a story about baking, family and learning how to survive High School! Learn more about this book http://bit.ly/zhiyed Learn more about this author http://sarahockler.com/
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Mother, May i? is an urban inspirational novel covering a vast area of afflictions that plague inner city families from addiction, poverty and incarceration to low self worth and abandonment.
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Oliver Barnett is a good contractor, a good Christian, never in trouble, never one to rock the boat until real estate developer Samantha Cohen enters his life. Does he do whats right by the nice girl his mother has chosen for him, or does he do what his heart is telling him to do? Transformation...
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This video describes the salient themes in the novel "Journal According to John."
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Thomas Buergenthal, now a Judge in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, tells his astonishing experiences as a young boy in his memoir A LUCKY CHILD. He arrived at Auschwitz at age 10 after surviving two ghettos and a labor camp. Separated first from his mother and then his father,...
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Satisfying our hardwired instincts has been critical to our survival for as long as we have been human. That's why we eat when food is available, choose the most calorie-dense foods, and hate the feeling of hunger. Today, these same drives are leading millions down the path of obesity. But Dr....
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On October 26, 2004, Dominique Green, thirty, was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas. Arrested at the age of eighteen in the fatal shooting of a man during a robbery outside a Houston convenience store, Green may have taken part in the robbery but always insisted that he did not pull...
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Patrick Henry Hughes was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him without eyes and physically disabled. But he was also blessed with exceptional musical talent—able to play the piano as a toddler and now, at age 19, a nationally known pianist, singer, and trumpeter who has performed at the...