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  The Brothers' Keepers is a collaborative work written by John H. Paddison and Charles D. Orvik. Based on the book's tone, theme, and literary intention, this work will prove to be a significant contribution to contemporary literature.   As a novel dealing with the saga of one family,...
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In this video interview with the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Ron Parsons discusses his path as a writer, the growing literary community in South Dakota, and his upcoming collection of short stories, "The Sense of Touch," to be released by Aqueous Books on April 30, 2013.
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Celebrated Ohio poet James Wright is featured in this 2.5 minute clip from the docu-drama film "James Wright's Ohio" by film makers Tom Koba and Larry Smith. It includes commentary from Wright and his poet-friend William Matthews and a poem video of Wright's poem "A Flower Passage." The film was...
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Here is a video produced by a good friend Joshua Pribanic which captures our Converging Paths Meditation Center in Sandusky. It's a free and open space for group meditation...Some of our best non-work is done here. Josh's news blog is Erie Wire out of Erie County, Ohio, where we live and work. http...