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Beyond a Highland Whisper Book Trailer
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Beyond a Highland Whisper - Release Date: February 2011 from The Wild Rose Press
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This simple video is not only to tell about my paranormal, romance novella, The Sorcerer's Songs, but to show off a few of my husband's songs, the lyrics of which drive the plot of this story. So, sit back and take a listen :) Special thanks to Steven Howell and Missie Tong
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Here is the book trailer for THE LOST SECRET OF FAIRIES. Book Description: Wanda had always read about adventure. Now she was in the middle of one. The World of Fairies is real, and she is their new Crystal Keeper, human caretaker to the World of Fairies. But the Fairy World is in trouble. The...
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Combining Greek mythology, fairy tales, and an alternate present, Carrie Vaughn remakes the world into something magical and frightening. Evie comes home to her dying father, and discovers that she will inherit far more than just the house. She also gets the basement storeroom, and all the magic it...
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He had no idea who he was, but he was dangerous. She found him cast into the sea and brought him home to help him. He was as different as she was. Their pasts would haunt them, hunt them. But their passion kept them Water Bound. Learn more about this book: http://tinyurl.com/29kcb5l Learn more...
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Can a hummingbird cake really bring back a lost love? Is there really a ghost dancing in Emilys backyard? The answers are never what you expect. But in this town of lovable misfits, the unexpected fits right in. The Girl Who Chased the Moon Sarah Addison Allen Book Trailer Find out more about this...
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She had been promised to him. Savannah was his lifemate, the light to his darkness. When someone tries to kill her Gregori comes to claim her. To protect her. Whether she wants it or not. Savannah knows she belongs to Gregori, but though fate has bound her to his life it has not bound him to her...
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Chronicles of the Necromancer series continues with Tris's kingdom on the brink of collapse and fate of Jonmarc Vahanian hanging in the balance as the vampires and the undead enter into a deadly civil war and threaten King Martris Draykes hold on the throne he risked everything to win. Dark Haven...
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Book Description: When Kamillia, a paranormal author, is accused of being a witch, she finds her life depends on trusting Luca, an immortal who has captured her heart but cannot share her future. http://www.kikihowell.com