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Love is never what you think. When a painter goes beyond the degree of intimacy that provides the connection between him and his newly-discovered muse, he is forced to undergo a re-evaluation of the true meaning of love. In a strange twist on the Dorian Gray theme, perhaps the artist steals the...
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This video brings my new book The Equation to life, showing how the components of The Equation: love, support, art, and business, relate to every business and organization in existence equalling success.
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it's all in the video :) have the best day :)
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well, how lovely, siapeace is doing videos with original music now :) simple stuff, loops and such .. I'm sharing this for it's smile .. have the best day fellow redroomers .. fellow author appreciators, fellow readers and writers alike .. :)
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Katka by Stephen Meier is a gritty, edgy novel of greed, love, and swindles gone very wrong. When Gavin and his girlfriend team with her best friend Simona to pull a phony mail order bride scam in the Czech Republic, Gavin gets in way over his head in the high-stakes and dangerous business of...
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I sent this five-minute video to my son, Sean, in 1988 during a time of painful alienation from him. I refer to this video in my book Whispers From God, and Sean refers to it in Oh The Glory Of It All.
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A book trailer for psychological crime novel, Maloney's Law.
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The book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz (www.YourSoulsPlan.com) explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our greatest challenges, before we’re born for purposes of spiritual...
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Pat Montandon takes a group of children to the Peoples Republic of China on a peace trip, at a time of strained relations between the USA and China. A difficult journey but ultimately one you will be glad you took. You will be brought to tears by the ending.
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A poem written by Bozena Intrator for her father. We will walk together through the meadows… It was a beautiful summer day, late June. The air was full of flowers smells. My father said with a quite voice: “Next year we will walk together - hand in hand - through the meadows by the lake Necko and...