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In the all-new epic adventure from Dav Pilkey, George and Harold travel through time to save Captain Underpants and the world from certain destruction! Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers By Dav Pilkey http://www.pilkey.com/ or http://www.scholastic.com/...
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Millie and Honey - The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure Volume I - CATATONIA Volume II - APPLEOPOLIS
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A dad's story of trying to navigate the choppy waters of pre-adolescence.
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Joke about the OctoMom Nudya Suleman. I tried my hand at stand up comedy, and these are some of my jokes, for more and better jokes, please go to: www.MassCasualties.com
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Trailer for "Vampire Boy's Good Night," a new picture book by author and illustrator Lisa Brown. Accordion music by Daniel Handler. Halloween 2010 from HarperCollins.
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Author, Ebony Haywood, shares her poem and invites you to join her on kidpoetryrocks.com.
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0-year-old Nathan Abercrombie thought life in the 5th grade couldnt get any worse, until a wacky science experiment turns him into a half-dead zombie! An all-new zombie-rific series from award-winning childrens author David Lubar. My Rotten Life David Lubar Book Trailer Find out more about this...