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Freddy Builder kills Mindi Quintana; he writes the book about their relationship everybody wants; a lying rewrite of their lives. A new celebrity killer arises, a jailhouse literary sensation. Freddys lawyer plays his role as advocate; but finds a way to deliver true justice. For a killer with a...
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A brand-new Nina Reilly thriller takes readers back to Nina's first murder investigation, to the case that ignites her passionate commitment to fighting for justice. As a single mom working as a paralegal and attending law school at night, Nina has her hands full fighting for custody of her young...
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Interview with author Christopher Rice about his new novel "Blind Fall".
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The Bones of the Homeless is a collection of 'in your face' and often haunting poems alongside stark black and white photographs of the homeless. Terry Messman, editor of Berkeley's Street Spirit newspaper writes; 'Jones poems speak directly to the souls of the readers and appeal to our hearts...