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http://www.judyjoyjonesshow.com SYLVIA BROWNE has had 22 of her 57 books on The New York Times Best-Selling List, including her most recent publication; PSYCHIC, MY LIFE IN TWO WORLDS!!! ALAN LEVY, BTR Founder called in to ask SYLVIA about his father. ALAN started BTR while sitting on his fathers...
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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/judy-joy-jones-show/2009/07/01/judy-joy-jon... HELEN THOMAS, is a veteran news wire reporter, Hearst Newspaper columnist, member of the WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS and best-selling author. MS. THOMAS & PRESIDENT OBAMA, celebrate the same birthday, & sat together on...
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Live show on Judy Joy Jones Show @ http://tinyurl.com/29axbwx Kate Clinton; political humorist blogger for Huffington Post, The Progressive& NYC Up and Out. She is also a Red Room Author! "Kate Clinton has held the mirror reflecting every issue facing us for 25 years. We've laughed, cried,...