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No, this is not Hallowe’en. Ghostwriters aren’t that kind of ghosts; but in a way, they are. A ghostwriter is someone who takes on the voice and writes the book of someone else’s story. He/she often does not take any recognition in the publication of the finished book; but often, comes away with...
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Be entertained! Listening to the dynamic speaker, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, as she sizzles with energy discussing various promotional and writing topics. For the second half of the show, she encourages YOU to interact with her. Introduce yourself. Authors - This is your chance. Deliver your author...
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Be entertained! Listening to these two dynamic speakers, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen and Larry Brooks, sizzle with energy. For the second half of the show, they encourage YOU to interact with them. Introduce yourself. AUTHORS - This is your chance. Deliver your author platform and pitch your book....