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Julie Genovese, author of the inspirational memoir, Nothing Short of Joy, is invited on stage by the renowned bestselling author and international speaker, Wayne Dyer.
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Into The Tunnel of Darkness, book trailer. One towns' journey into their very soul! If you like a bit of horror, spiritualism, suspense and a touch of the paranormal, this may be the video for you. Take a look and please enjoy! Monica M. Brinkman
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Book Trailer for Divinity Dawns
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6/2010 New Update Video Reel on You Tube for "Angel's Destiny: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations" by April Martin Chartrand
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In this video, the author describes his experiences in Siberia and his grandfather's stunning sacrifice.
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The lastest news from Author D. Allen Jenkins about his new novel, The Making of Tibias Ivory: Through the Eyes of Innocence.
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http://www.lisawingate.com Inspirations from Grandma Rose-Time Time is so invisible, you never see it passing.--Grandma Rose "And now, looking through the tunnel of these many years, I can see what in my youth I could not--that time is a limited and precious gift."--Grandma Rose Motivational Video...
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Thirteen years ago, Sarah Richardson’s life was shattered after the tragic assisted suicide of her mother. The shocking tragedy left a grief-stricken teen-aged Sarah with partial amnesia. Some things are easier to forget. But now a familiar voice from her past sends Sarah, a talented mid-twenties...
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Inspired by a true story! THE SUMMER KITCHEN is available now in bookstores everywhere. http://www.lisawingate.com Happy summer, everyone! I hope this note finds you enjoying the long, lazy days of July, spending time with family, and in the mood for a little summer reading. For those who enjoyed...