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The Trilogy, Paradise Vampire Style Begins With TERROR IN PARADISE, Which Follows Count Dracula IV In This Fictional, Erotic, Suspense, Thriller, And Horror Novel; As A Misunderstood Vampire, Which Is Tired Of Living In Damp Crypts And Avoiding The City Streets. When Tnuoc Alucard IV Decides To...
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Emily is the host of a paranormal television show. Her mission is to debunk all myths and urban legends. But when she meets Satan in a haunted house and calls him a fraud, the repercussions change her life. Satan kidnaps her six-year-od daughter, forcing Emily to re-evaluate her cynicism. She must...
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Merrill Markoe claims she is having trouble writing.
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The Chosen is a supernatural thriller by Author C.A.Milson.
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"If the spirit of a loving wife can't nudge her husband in the right direction, who can?" So thinks thirty-something Judith McBride, a Jewish control freak with an unlikely last name. When she dies in a medical mishap, she calls on her supernatural status to "rescue" her widowed husband from the...