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Barry C. Hessenius, once a representative for bands like Creedence Clearwater, and now an acclaimed advocate, speaks to Patricia Volonakis Davis on his life in the 1970's with some of the greatest bands of all time, the importance of funding the arts even in today's economy, and and on lobbying for...
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Being a writer takes hard work and dedication. But, in an interview with Patricia Volonakis Davis at Harlots Sauce Radio,(www.harlotssauce.com) Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen, owners of the oldest literary agency in San Francisco, talk about what a tremendous effect a writer can have on...
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What would you do if, one morning, when you were just thirty years old, you woke up to discover your whole life had changed for the worse? And that it could never go back to the way it was? Just outside of Napa Valley, California, in her lovely home which overlooks a lake, I sat with Amber Burke as...