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This is a film from the island of Crete, Greece  looking at the curious phenomena of Mimetoliths. Rocks and stones that look like living beings. Coupled with myths from the island, this is an unexpected voyage into the magical world of ancient Greece.
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Harlot's Sauce:A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss, and Greece NEW Animated Book Trailer Once upon a time, there was a little Italian-American girl who dreamed of faraway places and wonderful things, like Ancient Greece. And then one day, something wonderful happened...She met and married a Greek!
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Realistic discussion with three different perspectives of the Greek debt crisis. Two of the guests are Greek which is highly unusual. The Greek financial analyst is long on common sense. Part 1.
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Uncensored version. Lovely film of the Parthenon surviving ravages through time by filmmaker, Costas Gavras. A visualization based on historical references. uploaded to youtube by HildrValkyrie who describes the censorship: From Zougla.gr - Απο το Zougla.gr A scene from an animated film shown to...