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From the National WASP Museum, here is a terrific video on the fearless women of the WASP (the real-life Velva Jeans)! Please donate to the museum and help keep the history of the WASP alive.
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It's rectangular.  And when you click it, it shows a little movie.
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Here's the filmic book trailer the talented Snapdragon Films (www.snapdragonfilms.com) and composer Kevin Salem made along with two of my writing students. See what you think and, in the parlance of our age, if you like it, pass it on to your huddled Internet masses, your crouched Twitterati...
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This is the Book Trailer for my latest novel, Look at Flower, the story of a runaway girl during the fabled Summer of Love.
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This is the trailer to my award winning debut film, Can She Be Saved? It features 8th grade girls who had been labeled aggressive by their teachers and counselors. What's the reason behind all of their aggression?