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Video Trailer features a variety of books I write with a great music backdrop and wolves howling and big cats roaring. If you want to "hear" what would happen if the wolves and jaguars get together in a future story...this is what it sounds like.
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From R. Barri Flowers, bestselling author of teen novels, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY and DANGER IN TIME, comes COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, a delightful young adult vampire tale with a nice blend between typical teen life and vampire mythology. Kula Lockhart learns at age sixteen that she is the...
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 The haunting YA ghost mystery novel bestseller, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY, by R. Barri Flowers is now in eBook, print, and audio. Teen tries to solve decades old murder mystery with help of a ghost.   Fans of Meg Cabot, R. L. Stine, Stephenie Meyer, Lois Duncan, Elizabeth Chandler,...