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This is the teaser trailer for my novel, The Never, a YA fantasy novel coming out in the spring of 2012.
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David M. Brown is on tour with his novel 'Fezariu's Epiphany'! From 27th June to 25th July David will be bloghopping: from interviews to guest posts, he'll be one busy author. Visit www.elenchera.com to find out more.
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The White Oak, Clarendon's oldest brothel, lured and destroyed men by the thousands. Fezariu was different. He had never been drawn by the White Oak's vices but the brothel had still ruined him when he was just a boy. Salvation came in the form of the Merelax Mercenaries - Elenchera's most...
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"Rhapsody in Snakeskin" is a Gothic romance with a twist. Ben, a lonely 20-year-old ticket-taker, meets a mysterious older women who slowly entices him into a complex, erotic affair. Amara penetrates Ben's mind with unsettling power and he uncovers, too late, the grim secrets of her dark appetite....
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http://www.SoulstealerWar.com - Epic fantasy and sci-fi author W.L. Hoffman gives a fireside reading of the Prologue from the first title of his new series of magic, metaphysics and dragons - The Soulstealer War.