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Dodging bullets, deceitful friends and duplicitous CIA Agents in Washington DC, and evading Chinese, Russian and Israeli government criminals in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Alexander Crown’s plight to save his Genomegenesis project from destructive hands, survive and donate his project to a forthright...
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The face of life has changed. Envision having the ability to alter physical form, to undergo metamorphosis, making striking alterations in appearance after physical mishaps and even before birth. From the global medical community to geopolitical misfits, to the military tradecraft in the...
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The face of life has changed. Discovery, theft, humor, sex and the CIA are the DNA of murder.
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Snoopy jet-setting over Ben Campbell's books.
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DRUNKEN ANGEL is the story of a rebel poet's climb from drunken hell to reclaim the gift he betrayed and to find the daughter he abandoned. Kaufman recounts with unvarnished honesty the story of alcoholism that took him to the brink of death, the PTSD that drove him to the edge of madness, and the...
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Can't get enough of these babies.
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On the verge of Dubrovnik westernizing its culture and politics, Alex Crown and Ivan Andric, two Special Forces agents, argue about disarming two feuding families over the ownership of the late Marshal Tito's monastery. The backdrop of the war between Croatia and Serbia serve up devastation over...
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In his long-awaited and provocative new book, George Friedman turns his eye on the future—offering a lucid, highly readable forecast of the changes we can expect around the world during the twenty-first century. He explains where and why future wars will erupt (and how they will be fought), which...
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It is 1461: Edward, son of Richard of York, ascends to the throne, and his willful sister, Margaret, immediately becomes a pawn in European politics as Edward negotiates her marriage. The young Margaret falls deeply in love with Anthony Woodville, the married brother of Edward's queen, Elizabeth....
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The bestselling author of Blue Latitudes takes us on a thrilling and eye-opening voyage to pre-Mayflower America. On a chance visit to Plymouth Rock, Tony Horwitz realizes he's mislaid more than a century of American history, from Columbus's sail in 1492 to Jamestown's founding in 16-oh-something....