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No doubt about it: hotel rooms are hot. The minute you slip the key in the door, you want to strip off your clothes and dive naked between the sheets, whether there’s a lover there to share in the indulgence or not. From luxe, five-star lodgings to seedy no-tell motels, hotels offer the chance to...
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The fortunate women of Please, Sir are not docile pushovers by any means. They make the rules and negotiate with their masters — though sometimes they also get off on being pushed just a little too far by men they know they can trust. It's as if the doms who enter their lives see the potential for...
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Fast Girls: Erotica for Women editor Rachel Kramer Bussel gets in a bathtub and reads from the anthology, including "That Girl" by Cherry Bomb and "Five-Minute Porn Star" by Jacqueline Applebee. Fast Girls is a racy, provocative collection of erotica by the cream of the crop of female erotica...
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Mary the vampire in The Dancing Valkyrie and The Vampire Valkyrie tells her story.
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"Divas Las Vegas", unleashing your inner Diva one page at a time. Wherever fabulous books are sold. What happens when you find out that Grandma's vase mistakenly sold at a yard sale is worth tens of thousands of dollars—and somebody else is about to cash in on it on Antiques Roadshow? Of course,...
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Erotic romance at its best in Affairs of the Heart: Desert Heat and Cabin Fever, brought to you by award-winning author Kristie Leigh Maguire.
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Watch LOUDLY--worth it! This 45-second video depicts the main conflicts in Twins of Darkness: Karen's role as "vampire mommy" and the terrifying yet awe-inspiring beings that are her children.
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The Erotic Works of Lisa Lane is an artful depiction of my erotic Novels. Cover art by April Martinez. Music my Mojo Project. Freehand art by Lisa Lane. All works protected by U.S. copyright.
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If you haven’t read Keta Diablo you haven’t lived! Upon entering Ms. Diablo’s world I became completely enraptured by it. Everything I love about her writing was there to sweep me away again. Her characters are the rare kind that leap off the page.. The plot is sensational, the setting nothing less...