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  The Brothers' Keepers is a collaborative work written by John H. Paddison and Charles D. Orvik. Based on the book's tone, theme, and literary intention, this work will prove to be a significant contribution to contemporary literature.   As a novel dealing with the saga of one family,...
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KILLER IN THE WOODS, my bestselling psychological thriller, now in audio in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Serial killer set sights on beautiful women in upscale community called The Woods, with everyone a suspect and no one safe.   http://www.amazon.com/Killer-Woods-Psychological-Thriller/dp/...
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'Angel's Destiny: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations' by April Martin Chartrand. Promotional Video Reel. NEW 1/9/2010: 'Angel's Destiny: A Novel Story of Poems & Illustrations' - April Martin Chartrand From: AprilMartinChartrand | February 08, 2010 | 167 views NEW 1/9/2010: Longer...
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Description Booze House the booktrailer Snap Shot Stories by Maria Mendoza Written as a memoir of true events based in the Downriver area of Michigan, Booze House is a tour de force emotional ride that vividly and powerfully portrays the experience of surviving a broken family unit! With gritty...
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Violence in relationships. This will be in the book "Reach Into My Darkness" by Lamont Carey. www.lamontspov.tk