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Senator Howard Stark wants to be President of the United States. So does the demon inside him. With the competing candidates dropping out due to scandal, blackmail, and ‘accidental’ death, Stark looks like a good bet to go all the way to the White House. And if he gets there, Hell on Earth will...
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The Trilogy, Paradise Vampire Style Begins With TERROR IN PARADISE, Which Follows Count Dracula IV In This Fictional, Erotic, Suspense, Thriller, And Horror Novel; As A Misunderstood Vampire, Which Is Tired Of Living In Damp Crypts And Avoiding The City Streets. When Tnuoc Alucard IV Decides To...
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The searing memoir of an extraordinary woman who served as a nun for eleven years in Mother Teresa's order, Hope Endures is a compelling chronicle of idealistic determination, rigid discipline, and shattering disillusionment. In her life's journey from certainty to doubt, Colette Livermore enters...
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A mysterious counselor walks the halls of Boston's Briarwood Hospital... and when District attorney Will Sullivan's terminally ill daughter miraculously goes into remission, Will suspects that his beloved wife Joanna has made a terrible bargain to save the life of their dying child.