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From the time that he was just a young cub, Bingo has always been musically inclined. In fact, the only thing that he wants to do more than sing and dance is have a banjo to play; that way, he'll be free to strum on it all day long, making all kinds of music and singing all kinds of songs.
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A portion of an interview I did for "Tango: A Romantic Ritual", a stage presentation available in video from Social Dance Cultures (www.socialdancecultures.org)
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Portions of a conversation with Terence Clarke for a stage show entitled "Tango: A Romantic Ritual", which is available in video from Social Dance Cultures. (www.socialdancecultures.org)
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A portion of an interview with Terence Clarke, from the video TANGO: A ROMANTIC RITUAL, available from Social Dance Cultures (www.socialdancecultures.org)
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a song composed by Marcin Urban, lyrics written by Bozena Intrator, performed by Urban Noiz