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A song by John Siddique & Oliver Christophe Leith Words - John SiddiqueMusic - Oliver Christophe Leith Mezzo Soprano - Sally DoddsPiano - Ben-San Lau Recorded Live at Leeds College of Music on 12 October 2013 for Leeds Lieder. Film by Green Door Studio 2013 More information on the writing of...
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Joshua has just been told the truth about the world. Namely that no one is left, except for a handful of young people and the last of the Elders, a sect of radical environmentalists who are determined to give the planet a chance to heal from human impact. They've chosen Joshua to lead a final...
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Crow meditation “Dip fevered neck. Plant split-lipped calm. Spit wonder. Smile. Starve dark fright. Be light.” --from Gospel: poems by Samiya Bashir (RedBone Press, 2009) samiya bashir dot com redbone press dot com