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The setting for A CANTERBURY CRIME, the new Belinda Lawrence mystery from BeWrite Books. Paperback, Kindle and all eBook formats. A view of the streets and historic buildings in Canterbury, Kent. Video by author Brian Kavanagh:CAPABLE OF MURDER, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE, BLOODY HAM, A CANTERBURY...
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One of the locations in A Canterbury Crime, the fourth Belinda Lawrence mystery due soon from BeWrite Books.
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This is the book that you just cannot put down until you have read every page. The characters are believable and will work their way into your heart. The storyline flows smoothly and logically. The action starts immediately and never lets up. It is 231 pages of suspense! The ending brings...
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Mysteriously summoned by her relative, Belinda finds Great-Aunt Jane's body dead on her own stairs. Too dead – the letter summoning her was mailed days after her aunt died. Much to her surprise, Belinda inherits the ancient cottage and grounds. Should the city girl move to the village? Belinda...