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Peter Sterlacci, an American expat and personal branding expert in Japan, included me in his Brand Mechanics video interview series. Peter writes: "As a long-term expat, she had to learn from the ground up how to build a global life and work solutions to survive. Her years of...
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Does some part of your life fit like a too-tight jacket? Stopping you from breathing free, feeling confident and doing what you want?  We know what it's like to want a better fit. It's why we created the GlobalNiche empowerment network and our SUM-it UP program shows you a practice of...
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Tara Agacayak of GlobalNiche.net explains a digital footprint as the trail you leave online through all your activities: comments you leave on websites, your own blog posts and status updates and tweets, the content you share and syndicate and otherwise distribute online, your online bios and other...
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You know you're the perfect candidate. We see it all the time: capable, talented, skilled people being overlooked. Maybe you're not getting hired or promoted, or asked to speak. It's because you aren't being recognized.  And it's why GlobalNiche.net has become...