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This video shows how to calculate the number of drywall sheets needed for a 10' x 20'  room with an 8' ceiling without using a calculator.
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  Hello, my name is Kenneth Williams Sr. and today I am going to talk about calculating Board Feet First you must know the nominal dimensional size lumber chart by groups. (2” x 4” x 8’) (2”x 4”x 10’) (2” x 4” x 12’) (2” x 4” x 14’) and (2” x 4” x 16’) is considered one complete group. So you...
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  Today I will tell you how to calculate the number of studs needed for a wall   Divide the liner foot of a wall by 4 once or by 2 twice A wall that’s 10 feet long will need 7.5 studs Note: you can’t have a point five or half of stud so you will need to round up to the next whole number....