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Believing Cedric traverses Canada, major historical events of the twentieth century, and the extraordinary lives of twelve different people, each of whom has some kind of poignant connection with a man named Cedric Johnson. Writer's Block, Paul Kennet, sits down to talk about the inspiration...
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Sandra discusses our connected web of consciousness, understanding our individual spiritual aspects, and how developing our shamanistic qualities can benefit others. This podcast is with Tami Simon, founder and publisher of SoundsTrue.
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Julie on Conscious Dialog with host Anita Pathik Law discussing Julie's inspirational memoir, Nothing Short of Joy. Also Julie on Gayle King Radio on Oprah.com http://www.oprah.com/oprahradio/Life-as-a-Little-Person-Audio
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Oprah relates a personal experience to Eckhart Tolle about experiencing true silence, absolute stillness, pure consciousness.
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In this extract from her latest DVD, Darshan III, Isha speaks about the game of life. Enjoy the wisdom of enlightenment presented from a fresh, modern perspective. The Isha System is a revolutionary method for inner growth. Free from belief systems, dogma and philosophies, it provides a concrete...