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Video developed by students at Central Washington University to highlight the story behind Karly's Law 
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View trailer for CNN documentary: Beyond Bravery: The Women of 9/11 http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2011/07/18/women.911.beyond.bravery.cnn Airs Thursday, September 8 at 11 p.m. EST and Sunday, September 11 at 8 p.m. EST
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This is the second edition in my new series of podcasts with prominent people who follow Mexico's drug war, and I'm very excited to present my chat with CNN's Nick Valencia! We had a fascinating conversation this evening, talking about some of Nick's war stories as a young journalist in Mexico, the...
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Short interview which Stefan Teplann gave for CNN on the writing and producing of his song "Love Is The Bigger Wave" which is based on the poem of eleven-year-old prodigy Kokila from India
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This is the first clip of three segments in which Paula Zahn explored "self segregation". The concept for the program was rather flawed and I'm not sure what you will learn by watching this--if anything. I however, learned many things by appearing on this show, none of them which have anything to...
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Have you ever wondered why some of the biggest problems we f
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Jon Stewart plays comic and political hardball on CNN's Crossfire in 2004.