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A look inside the annual Book Passage Children's Writers and Illustrators Conference. See and hear why the children's book community gathers together every June to learn, teach, connect, read, eat and celebrate. Andrea Alban will serve on the faculty for the sixth year. She will present an...
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The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents) author Gina Misiroglu discusses "How to Have the Dreaded Sex Talk" on YOUR TIME WITH KIM IVERSON, December 2009.
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http://vimeo.com/4675201 Seymour, from the new young chapter book, THE AMAZING TRAIL OF SEYMOUR SNAIL, slimes his way around and around the window display of Cover to Cover Booksellers in San Francisco. Take a look. Another less-than-a-minute typewritten movie by children's book author, Lynn E....
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Here's another one-minute typewritten movie by children's and young adult author, Lynn E. Hazen. Lynn briefly describes why she loves reading and writing children's books. http://www.vimeo.com/3375553
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This is a video book trailer to my debut children's book, "Grandma's First Computer". Children of all ages will love, and learn from, this beautifully illustrated book. It tells and endearing story of a grandma who purchases a computer only to find herself in a perplexing situation; she knows...
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http://vimeo.com/3375553 Children's & YA Author, Lynn E. Hazen briefly interviews super librarian, Betsy Bird at the 2008 Kidlitosphere Conference in Portland, Oregon. Betsy discusses the term "KidLit" in this 78 second typewritten movie. Betsy Bird Talks "KidLit" at the 2008 KidLitosphere...