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A book trailer that has been designed for anyone who is disgusted by paparazzi, craves something different to read, and is worried about the direction our current society is heading.
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Freddy Builder kills Mindi Quintana; he writes the book about their relationship everybody wants; a lying rewrite of their lives. A new celebrity killer arises, a jailhouse literary sensation. Freddys lawyer plays his role as advocate; but finds a way to deliver true justice. For a killer with a...
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Trailer for an event in October 2009 done in conjunction with the International Festival of Authors
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A three minute television interview with Edward Winterhalder & James Richard Larson, the authors of "All Roads Lead to Sturgis: A Biker's Story". Hosted by Nicole Koglin from the FOX 6 Weekday news team, this interview was seen April 22, 2009, in the Milwaukee area.
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Hal discusses the shift from Pop Culture to Peep Culture
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A trailer clip advertising Edward Winterhalder's new DVD/TV Harley-themed reality series "Living on the Edge". Each episode will feature a different motorcycle club, focusing on the positive aspects of motorcycle club life, through the lives, families, jobs and communities of club members. This is...
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A 4 minute television clip showing celebrity biker author and television Producer Edward Winterhalder's December 2007 interview on Bravo TV's "The Word", which is a television show that features interviews and news about prominent and interesting authors. The TV segment about Winterhalder and his...
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Judy Joy Jones Show Interviews Ishmael Reed who is one of the best known African-American writers of his generation as well as the most controversial! He is the author of six books of poetry, opera libretto, six plays, four books of essays and nine novels! Ishmael is also the editor of numerous...
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Ashton Kucher surprised to see Ben Campbell's photo was on his Nikon camera.
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Anastasia Brown, music producer and judge of Nashville Star, provides the insight anyone wanting to make it in the music business needs to know, whether through music contests or going the traditional route. From creating a memorable first impression to planning a winning strategy for sustained...