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I came accross this video and just had to share it. What an inspiration on so many levels!
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In Amy Clipston’s new YA book, Emily struggles with exactly who she is when her identity as a tomboy who loves to fix cars and her way of expressing her faith clashes with what others expect her to be. Learn more about this book here, http://bit.ly/dMNr9m and its author here, http://bit.ly/fMwmwR
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A cartoon animation and film footage I drew and shot, edited and recorded soundtrack for. The way of the car, is about how we get stuck in the ego of driving, and how many are forced to commute via automobiles, sometimes for hours each day because there is no alternative transportation in many...
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A short piece about a car, a brother, and a steel mill. Words and video by David Moolten.
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My wife thinks I have trouble staying focused
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More often than not, it's the mom who gets the family ready for a summer road trip. Brandy Schaffels, mother and blogger at askpatty.com shares tips to help all moms get their family and their car road ready!