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The Briton and the Dane series focuses on Anglo-Saxon Britain during the reign of Alfred the Great when the relentless Viking onslaught terrorized all of Christendom.
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A second book trailer about the travel narrative, Waltzing Australia, that includes information about book award and reviews.
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A brief reading from the 2009 Transworld UK novel "When I Found You," read by the author and accompanied by an original video.
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Book trailer for Julia Rogers Hamrick's August 3rd, 2010 release, CHOOSING EASY WORLD from St. Martin's Press featuring endorsements from Marci Shimoff, Joe Vitale and Gay Hendricks
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A discussion of the most overlooked and underdeveloped facet of the modern church, Slow Fade makes a compelling case for intergenerational relationships as the way to keep college-aged people engaged in faith. Learn more about this book here: http://tinyurl.com/23yrf4g Religion, Christian Life,...