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Tara Agacayak of GlobalNiche.net explains a digital footprint as the trail you leave online through all your activities: comments you leave on websites, your own blog posts and status updates and tweets, the content you share and syndicate and otherwise distribute online, your online bios and other...
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Author Diana Raab talks with host David Starkey about creative nonfiction, blogging, and the writing life.
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A brief chat about the rewards (and demands) of being an indie writer and publisher in the early 21st Century
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Book Promo 201 is the second book in the Promo 101 series. In Book Promo 101 I wanted to help people lay a great foundation for their promotional efforts, help you learn what promotion is, develop the marketing mindset and we talked about many traditional forms of promotion. If you aren't familiar...
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Amber Benson talked to Elizabeth Amber at New York Comic Con 2009 about how to take constructive criticism and use blogging to get valuable feedback on your writing.
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A video for people who wonder why blogs are such a big deal, explained visually. One of my favorites.