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Now that he's of age, Prince Temmin must leave his childhood home behind for a new life with his father in the capital. King Harsin insists his son Temmin become the kind of ruthless, pragmatic man he is. But the family's immortal advisor, Teacher, has other plans: to bring Temmin closer to his...
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Kate Clinton's 8.5.10 Vlog. DC August 15. Sign up for Kate's newsletter, get Kate's latest dates, news, and Vlog archives at: http://kateclinton.com. Kate also blogs here on Red Room.
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It was different this time; we weren’t acting on a dare. I knew our motive; we were practicing the act, hoping to impress the right boy when it came time. But then something happened—in the mix of the moment, in the mix of the alcohol. It wasn’t planned, but somehow our kissing experiment turned...
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"In a way not often found in contemporary fiction, Kate Evans’ poetic prose richly captures the awakening of a woman to what she truly needs in her life: poetry, art, and the love of another woman." --Susan Gabriel, author of Seeking Sara Summers "Kate Evans has struck gold again with her second...