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Best Podcasts 2008 | Best Podcasts 2008

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The Humorous Adventures of Santa Barbara Humor Columnist and Author, Ernie Witham
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"Who Am I Without My Wallet?" by Ericka Lutz was published as a Red Diaper Dharma column at Literary Mama in December 2007. Read by the author.
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devorah major with Opal Palmer Adisa on Daughters of Yam "The Tongue is a Drum" cd. Babatunde Lea, drums, Richard Howell, saxophone, Kash Killion, cello. Arranged by Michelle Jacques.
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Hey ladies, buy those V-chips for your TV-- STAT! It has nothing to do with shielding your children from inappropriate programming and everything to do with making sure your husband never gets an eyeful of June Cleaver in all her domestic glory. If we girls aren't careful, our guys will soon be...
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Enjoy this humorous short story by Jess Wells on the unique community of Loon Lake, as a family finds their lives transformed by an explosion that decimates their house.