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In a groundbreaking new book, author Steve McSwain summons a new kind of spirituality—one that truly connects people to God and to each other, regardless of race, nationality, or faith. The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God The survival of humanity is at stake,” writes McSwain. “...
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Sandra discusses our connected web of consciousness, understanding our individual spiritual aspects, and how developing our shamanistic qualities can benefit others. This podcast is with Tami Simon, founder and publisher of SoundsTrue.
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An ancient prophecy foresees hardship flooding the reality of men, before a collective shift of perception will shatter the world as we know it.
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Michael Bernard Beckwith, well known spiritual teacher and featured contributor to The Secret, shares his teachings with the world in this powerful and compelling book of spiritual wisdom. In this handbook for spiritual revolutionaries, readers are both inspired and challenged to enter the journey...
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In this extract from her latest DVD, Darshan III, Isha speaks about the game of life. Enjoy the wisdom of enlightenment presented from a fresh, modern perspective. The Isha System is a revolutionary method for inner growth. Free from belief systems, dogma and philosophies, it provides a concrete...