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This short film was created collaboratively from an autobiographical piece I wrote and submitted to HitRECord entitled "The Stars Were Stolen". My story was edited into a voiceover and then actors were filmed and animation was created around them. 
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On Sunday 23rd October 2011, the Wine Bank on View hosted the official launch of 'A Cut Closer to Whole', the autobiography of Benjamin S. MacEllen - A & A Book Publishing.
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What does it mean to have a sense of place? What do we lose without one? In 'My Ruby Slippers,' I go back to Kansas to figure it out.
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One-minute reading by author (Robert Sward) of "A Man Needs A Place To Stand." Filmed by Allan Lundell at his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Boulder Creek. Area called Future Peak. http://www.futurepeak.net/vidlinks/RobtSwardStand2005.htm
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Speaking in the voice of a 9 year old boy on the North Side of Chicago looking out from the back porch of an apartment bldg. at a garbage man and his dog cruising the alley... dog an "uncle", free-ranging, self-possessed, obliged to no one... First appeared in Uncle Dog, Putnam & Co., Ltd....
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Here is a fun 2-minute video my wife and I created to show how someone can make our new guided journal, PICTURE OF ME: Who I Am in 221 Questions, come to life. The music is from my sister Kathy, the musician of the family. Hope you enjoy watching it.
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Whether you’ve already written your book or have a book inside, putting it all together can seem like a challenge unknown to most. As intimidating as it may appear, writing, publishing, and selling your story is a process most easily taken one step at a time. With this easy to read and comprehend...
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ten minutes of the goddess joni mitchell!