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WILD Mystery Author Sandi Ault's wolf Tiwa plays with a young bull elk at home in the Rocky Mountains. For more photos of Tiwa and the elk, visit www.SandiAult.com
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My German publisher, Blanvalet, sent a camera crew to England to film an interview with me. Over the course of a very stormy weekend, we talked about Playing with the Moon and how I'd come to write the book.
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Posie Graeme-Evans has worked in the Australian film and television industry for the last twenty-five years as an editor, director, and producer on hundreds of prime-time television programs, including McLeod's Daughters and Hi-5. She lives in Sydney with her husband and creative partner, Andrew...
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Jim Malusa bicycled to the lowest point on six continents, and lived to tell the tale in his travelogue, Into Thick Air. Now, back home in Arizona, he takes a bicycle tour to the lowest point in Tucson, just downsteam from the outflow of the wastewater plant. Funny, but nobody else was around......
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An interview with Cristina as part of the Insider's "Best TV Judges" series, presented in association with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Video can be viewed at: http://insiderexclusive.com/Americas_Best_TV_Judges.htm  
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Cristina Perez and her husband Chris Gonzalez open their home to TV's EXTRA in this intimate interview. Video can be seen at: http://www.cristinaperez.tv/press.htm...along with other video clips and interviews of Cristina Perez.  
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http://www.SoulstealerWar.com - Epic fantasy and sci-fi author W.L. Hoffman gives a fireside reading of the Prologue from the first title of his new series of magic, metaphysics and dragons - The Soulstealer War.
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Earl Merkel and David Latko of the nationally broadcast talk-radio program MONEY & MORE interview author Martin J. Smith, co-author of OOPS! It's a hilarious interview about a hilarious book.