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Judy Joy Jones being interviewed by Blog Talk Radio 'Hosts in the Limelight' about her Judy Joy Jones Show by Christina Blodgett. Judy talks about her shows purpose; to share with millions of listeners all over the earth, excellence in music, literature, art and science. She shares her secrets of...
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an artistic response to the haiku-influenced prose poem by Robert Haas
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In The Art Thief, three thefts are simultaneously investigated in three cities, but these apparently isolated crimes have much more in common than anyone imagines. In Rome, the police enlist the help of renowned art investigator Gabriel Coffin when tracking down the stolen masterpiece. In Paris,...
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In her remarkable memoir, Bliss Broyard examines her father's choices and the impact of this revelation on her own life. Seeking out unknown relatives in New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, she uncovers the 250- year history of her family in America, and chronicles her own evolution from...
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Vibrant photographs and creative, original ideas provide the inspiration anyone needs to bring true Latin style to his or her own life. Whether as a source of inspiration or a defining accent, Latin Style will be the perfect addition to any décor. Style icon Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque defines and...
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This is a short slide show I created for Laura McPhee's book, A Journey into Matisse's South of France. The best part of this is the soundtrack -- a song called "Reel de Montebello," recorded by Levin Schwartz and Jazer Schwartz.
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This 5-minute film clip is a portion of an interview with Anne Paris, PhD, about her new book, STANDING AT WATER'S EDGE. In this clip, Dr. Paris describes the challenge of creative immersion and offers some ideas about how to move past artistic blocks, fears, and procrastination.
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In this short, older video, Maxine Hong Kingston is interviewed about violence in modern culture and literature, as well the power of words and idealism.
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If the teen magazine quizzes from your youth have spoiled any chance of your appreciating the work of Thomas Kinkade, "The Painter of Light," this is sure to tickle your funny bone... or prompt you to keep that next appointment with your therapist.