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Hear me cut up & read from my new book, How to be Death. Available from Ace/Roc books (an imprint of Penguin Books) on February 28th, 2012
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See Amber Benson shake her rump to the beat of the Macarena - backed by the inestimable Common Rotation (featuring Marc Evan Jackson). Amber made a bet with her fans (via twitter and her blog) that if she got 85 reviews on Amazon, etc. for her book Death's Daughter, she would Macarena. This is the...
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It’s April 15th and it’s time for a new episode of BookBanter. And in episode 6 we have a very special interview with Amber Benson, author of the Albion series, the first of her new three-book series, Death’s Daughter, and she might’ve been the great actress to play Tara on Buffy the Vampire...